Business and Accounting Consulting

Our founder is a CPA and is available to help clients prepare to obtain the best capital deal available.

Besides capital needs, companies are faced with financial and business challenges such as incomplete strategic planning, decision support for financial decisions, financial reporting processes and issues, board governance, business office processes and internal controls, accounting policies, and procedures.

Sometimes, a company may improve its chances of a deal through better financial conditions and/or financial reporting. We are available for a free consultation to understand your problems and challenges in order to begin to assess solutions. Following that encounter, we will work with you to plan the right approach for addressing issues. Upon gaining your confidence that our planned approach will meet your needs, we will move forward.

If it makes sense for a situation involving process and workflow, we will perform a comprehensive assessment to identify the root causes of problems. We have found that this assessment helps to get past the symptoms and identify the actual problems. At the end of the assessment, we will prepare a report with findings and recommendations, including a plan to deliver specific measurable outcomes.

Upon completion of the assessment, many of our clients request us to remain on-site and lead the initiative to implement the plan developed in the assessment.

We will discuss with you the impact of our consulting on your company’s access to capital. Infinity Commercial Capital, LLC does not directly provide loans or funding but will offer business advisory services directly or through related companies to add value to your company, improve your business, and to improve access to needed capital.