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At Infinity Commercial Capital, we recognize that the right financial strategy is key to thriving in the real estate and business world. Our team brings together a blend of expertise, market knowledge, and customized financing options to help you unlock new growth opportunities. Whether you're looking to expand your real estate portfolio or fuel your business ambitions, our strategic financial solutions are designed to align with your unique objectives and propel you towards success. 

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Expertise in diverse financial products and services tailored to unique business needs.

Expert advice and guidance from experienced financial professionals.

Tailored financing solutions for both residential and commercial real estate projects, ensuring a perfect fit for your investment strategy.

Financial Services for Every Investor

We bridge the gap between your financial needs and your investment objectives with a suite of targeted services. 

Residential Investment Property Financing

Secure the funds you need for purchasing, renovating, and upgrading residential properties. Ideal for investors focusing on homes and small residential units.

Commercial Investment Property Financing

Find financing options for buying, building, and refurbishing commercial spaces. Suitable for larger-scale projects and commercial real estate developments.

Consulting Services

Get expert advice for your real estate investments. We offer insights into market trends, deal structuring, and strategic growth. 

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Explore our comprehensive collection of insightful blog posts and informative podcasts where we discuss the latest trends in commercial lending, real estate investments, industry trends and practical tips for investors.
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Success Stories in Financing

Explore our recently funded projects to see how we've helped clients achieve their financial objectives. Our success stories span various property types and financing scenarios. 

April 2024

Working capital line of credit in Missouri. Obtained a $167,000 working capital line of credit for a business owner for…

March 2024

Working capital loan in Missouri. Obtained a $130,000 term loan for a business owner for working capital and business use.

January 2024

Residential investment properties in Florida for $678,000. Obtained 30-year fixed rate commercial cash out re-financing, providing the investor funds for…

October 2023

Residential investment property in Missouri for $70,000. Arranged a one-year bridge financing (interest only) to provide working capital.

September 2023

Residential investment property in Missouri for $154,000. Secured 30-year fixed rate commercial financing for property purchase.

August 2023

Residential investment property in North Carolina for $173,000. Obtained 30-year fixed rate commercial financing for property acquisition.

JULY 2023

Working capital in California. Provided business credit and unsecured line of credit building solutions for real estate investors and business…

May 2023

Residential investment property in New York for $94,000. Facilitated one-year bridge financing (interest only) for property purchase and rehabilitation.

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