CFO Squared – Chats About Financial and Financing Optimization

We’re here to help you know how to finance your business. We will also talk about other financial issues impacting your business and ideas to help you succeed.

There is so much noise out there – ”Close your loan today!” ”We’ll fund your business!” ”We’ll get you funded!” The fact of the matter is that getting the attention of lenders is very difficult. This is a no-nonsense podcast to help you know how to get funding. Some sample topics: What funding products are out there, what you need to do to position yourself, what you need to do to qualify, what a day in the life of a lender is like. We also want to talk about other business and financial issues that will help you. Some sample topics: accounting software, startup financial strategies, reporting, data management. The sky‘s the limit!

If you’re a business owner or a real estate investor, our hope is that this podcast will help you advance your cause.

Reach out to us with questions, comments or ideas you have for the show. We‘ll do our best to address them in a future show.


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