How can mental barriers affect your success? Dr. Hank Seitz explains

June 10, 2024

Join host Karl Baker for a conversation with Dr. Hank Seitz, renowned mental scientist and author, on the “Infinite Returns” podcast. Dr. Hank shares his expertise on how thoughts transform into tangible results, the influence of mental barriers on success, and the scientific principles behind creating reality through thought. This episode goes into the transformative power of positive mental practices and their proven impact on personal and professional success.

What you will learn:

The principles of mental science and how thoughts can manifest into tangible results.
Practical strategies for reshaping your thought patterns to foster success and happiness.
Dr. Hank’s ideas for overcoming common “unwanted thoughts” that hinder achievement.

Explore Dr. Hank’s journey from academia to practical applications in mental science, detailing how anyone can harness the power of their mind to achieve dreams and overcome obstacles. Discover his unique approaches to mental conditioning, which have helped people and businesses around the world achieve extraordinary results.

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Karl Baker:

Dr. Hank Seitz 
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