Is there a way to cut housing costs in half? Mike Kaeding’s Strategy is Simple…Or Is It?

April 26, 2024

Join Karl Baker on Infinite Returns for a conversation with Mike Kaeding, CEO of Norhart, who is on a mission to transform the housing industry by reducing construction costs.

With a journey from overcoming personal adversity to leading innovative housing solutions, Mike shares his journey to make affordable housing a reality. Discover how Norhart’s approach, based on lessons learned from manufacturing and other sectors, is poised to cut construction costs in half, which could dramatically reduce rent and mortgage payments for many people.

Tune in to find out how Mike’s vision, combined with new techniques such as assembly line efficiency in construction, is about to have an impact on housing affordability across the country.

This episode is a must for anyone interested in the future of real estate, innovation and making a meaningful difference in society.

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