Selecting the Right Business Partner

In the world of business, it can pay to work alongside someone you trust. Going it alone often means shouldering the full weight of responsibility that comes along with operating a company. This is why so many professionals decide to work with a business partner. If this is an idea you’ve been toying with, you might have a few questions on how to see the best results. Selecting the right person is no small task. Take a moment to consider these tips and see how you can find a partner you can collaborate with and grow with.

Shared Values

A big aspect of a successful business relationship is being able to see where the other party is coming from. When you are going to be working closely with someone on a regular basis, you want to be able to understand each other. This is a lot easier when you have similar values. While you don’t need to search for a partner who believes all of the same things you do, it can be helpful to work with a person who aligns with your business values. This will create less tension down the line and help you feel comfortable together.

Complementary Skills

The years you’ve spent in your industry have gained you a certain degree of experience. You’ve acquired skills and connections that have brought you to the place you’re at now. This is also true of any potential business partner you work with. When searching for the right person, you might want to think about the skills you both have that complement each other. For example, someone who is exceptional in writing speeches is a good fit for a partner who is a motivated public speaker.  Skills that balance each other can be quite a powerful combination

Set the Terms

After you’ve found someone you want to work with, you need to come together and set the terms of your arrangement. A verbal agreement is not enough, either. Everything you discuss and agree upon needs to be written down, signed, and observed by an outside witness. This helps to create legal protection for both of you should anything go awry down the line. In most partnerships, ownership is evenly split. If this isn’t the case, be sure you both agree upon a breakdown that works well for everyone involved.

Finding the right business partner is a journey that requires care and diligence. When you know what qualities you’re looking for in a potential partner, it can help you weed through your options and find a person who can help bring your business ideas to life.


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