Ways to Finance Your Medical Supply Business

Operating a medical supply business can be a taxing experience. To stay ahead, it can be helpful to have a firm understanding of the financing services available to you. When your cash flow slows, it can prevent your business from thriving. By using the right financing option, you will see an improvement with your working capital and can use the funds to cover business expenses and take advantage of opportunities to grow your company. Look over these options and determine which financing solution is the best fit to help your business reach the success you desire.

Traditional Financing

The most common route to consider for financing is visiting a bank for a loan. The process is usually straightforward and the application will require that you produce documents detailing your credit score and recent financial history. The drawback to a traditional bank loan is that the process for approval can take a considerable amount of time. When your business needs funds fast to meet deadlines and satisfy client expectations, you might not have the time to wait. If a bank loan isn’t the right fit, there are several alternative lending sources worth considering.

SBA Loans

Another way to finance your medical supply business is with loans from the Small Business Administration. The SBA is an organization that partners with smaller lenders around the country to provide loan options to businesses of a certain size. An SBA loan is advantageous because the terms and interest rates are typically much better than those found with other lending options. This also means there are strict regulations dictating who is eligible for the loans. Reach out to a local lender providing SBA loans to get a feel for whether or not you qualify.

Cash Advance

A cash advance is another financing solution that can be useful in the right circumstances. An advance is usually based on the projected credit card transactions your business will see in the future. You are given an advance on these funds and pay the loan back with the sales you have been predicted to make. This is a great way to stimulate your cash flow during a tough financial period. There are a few drawbacks to this service. For example, the interest rates on a cash advance can be very high. Know the exact terms before signing anything.

Seeing success with your medical supply company starts with knowing where to turn when you need access to working capital. Find a financing solution that meets the needs of your company and improve its cash flow in no time.


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